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About Us and Our Program

"What's with the variety of dogs?", you might ask. As a young girl i have always adored animals especially dogs. I was the kid who had a million animal books on her shelf and her favorite was the book that listed all the different dog breeds in the world! As an artist this gave me references to practice drawing dogs but also the desire to write down and draw all my favorite breeds i would love to own one day.

I actually grew up with my mom who began breeding the shih tzus when i was about 9 years old so I've had a lot of raising dog/puppies experience! My first furry friend was a little Shih Tzu named Brendal and he was my absolute best friend and my moms first stud dog. He passed away at 15 years of age in 2021 and it has been the hardest loss to cope with. His calm demeanor and snuggly personality made him an amazing emotional support dog which is why I myself have my own Shih Tzu program. Its also why i have a dog program at all, because i see how much value dogs bring to our lives and how smart they are and capable of helping and accompanying us in this hard journey called life.

I Have always been in love with shepherds, my favorite movies always had German Shepherds and while i didn't start off wanting to breed, in high school i came across the breed Berger Blanc Suisse from one of my favorite artists who lives in Switzerland. I was in love with everything about them and when i decided to pursue a dog breeding program as one of my career pathways after i was working through where to go to college, i knew they were where i wanted to start. My mom helped me make my dream come true and through the help of an international Shih Tzu show judge she put us in contact with Rus Prides Kennel where we got our first three Russian Imported swisses.

I have loved learning and raising these dogs and i am so excited after the almost 2 years to finally be here where i now get to place puppies with their forever families and make someone else's dreams come true.

I also now have a small German shepherd program! My long term goal for all my breeds is to produce healthy, balanced and good structured dogs for companion/ and hopefully therapy based needs,

however we are new and still acquiring those lower energy/drive lines and they will take time to establish.

I do plan on adding new breeds to my program over time(separately of course) as i have a couple more i am deeply passionate about, but all in good time. 

We also have a small farm. Right now of just laying chickens but we on the market for some land once we find the right spot we will add Goats and Sheep to our program!


We would love for you to follow our journey by subscribing to our website or following our social medias!

How We Raise Our Puppies

Here we raise our puppies indoor with lots of love.


Week 1:

They start off being born in our 4' x 4' whelping box where i am present with every birth of every puppy, which makes for a long overnight job! We keep puppies in a private room so mama can nourish her babies and there is less environmental stress. We keep an eye on them about every 2 to 4 hours the first week.

Week 2:

They are dewormed with panacur dewormer and then they are assigned their puppy collars and identification names! We are very hands on with our puppies, we pet them, pick them all up and carry them around through out each day through out there whole time here. We add a speaker to their room and play different sounds for desensitization purposes.

Week 3:

They are given their first drink of goats milk and salmon oil mixture once a day! We put pine litter boxes in with the puppies at some point in between 3 and 5 weeks to litterbox train our puppies. I find that puppies are less inclined to confuse rugs for potty pads if you use other methods of potty training. Grass pads are also used for them to wade through and sometimes use.

Week 4:

We start a wet food/ goat milk and salmon oil mixture twice a day! They get their 4-7 week puppy collars! Lots of love for these fluffy polar bears. They are dewormed again with panacur! Continue with desensitization throughout til 8 weeks!.

Week 5:

We move puppies to our living room/ kitchen area so they witness every part of our day including letting dogs out, my daughter playing, tv noises, fans, moving through out the house and their favorite part of which is to be let out to run around at some points of the day!! This week we add water to our hard kibble (Purina Pro plan/One large breed puppy food), mix with wet food once squsihy and also goats milk 3 times a day! This week they have water access 24/7! We start weaning at week 5 because our moms aren't really nursing puppies much at this point. We brush them, clip their nails and use the blow dryer on them to make them fluffy and to desensitize them to it! We have lots of different toys to play on!


Week 6:

we get our first set of shots, microchips, wellness exam from our vet and Safe Guard Fenbendazole 3 day dewormer which covers almost everything a puppy could have! We are fully weaned by 6 weeks and start on hard kibble with goats milk and salmon oil! We get our first light water bath this week! This is the first week where we pick your puppy for you, however we might wait until week 7. As a dog/puppy raiser we want to place the perfect puppy with you, while some are super fluffy and extra cute we don't want to put a puppy with you that doesn't have the temperament you are looking for! However we do keep each consideration in mind! 

Week 7:

Your puppy is picked out and so excited to meet you! Your puppy is eating hard kibble, using a litter box and we will go home with puppy collars on them! We continue to work and handle each of the puppies!

Week 8:

Your puppy is dewormed with Safe Guard 3 days in a row before they leave! If they are able to have it, I give them the first round of heartworm medicine (ivermectin) and a topical flea treatment. This is the earliest your puppies can go home to you! We hope to have all of our puppies placed by this time but sometimes they aren't.

What happens if all puppies don't leave by 8 weeks?

We Keep our puppies until they go to their forever homes! If by 8 to 9 weeks all aren't placed, we start leash, potty and crate training each puppy as well as teaching more basic commands with them. We get what ever shots are needed for each as they grow and cross our fingers their forever homes come! We also are willing to hold puppies for people if they are on vacation or need a little extra time to get their forever friends!

This list is subject to grow and change just as our program has and will! There are things that wont be listed and if there are any questions or concerns please send us a message!

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